Short Courses

We run a variety of Masterclasses, which are taken by experts in their fields for members only throughout the year.  These sessions may be one, two or three day courses which run on Fridays to Sundays. Below is a list of the courses planned for 2019  and 2020 so far.  We also run short courses including our 10 week beginners’ jewellery making course.

Course Details

22nd and 23rd February 2020
Viking punch decorated Bangle with Jeff Wallis   FULL

Jeff graduated from High Wycombe College of Technology and Art with a First Class Honours Degree in Design and Silversmithing and he has been teaching at JASSO since 1980. He has worked as a professional archaeologist and studied ancient metal work techniques.

Jeff is a self-employed silversmith and has developed a range of silver replica jewellery. As a specialist fine line illustrator he has recently been commissioned to illustrate the Viking Watlington Hoard Silver in the Ashmolean Museum.

Course Aims
At the end of the course the students will have the knowledge and practical experience of forming steel punches. Identified the process of hardening and tempering to increase punch life. They will have an insight into ancient metal smithing and how forging/drawing precious metal is still used today

  • How to form punches from silver steel or reuse of old files.
  • Tempering of steel
  • Forging/drawing silver and using said punches to decorate the bangle.

The course is suitable for Beginner/ intermediate level students. It will be taught through step by step instruction and working from drawings or photos.

Equipment and materials
The tutor will provide: Old files (flat or round), 6mm round silver steel rod 13” length, 6mm square, 3*6 mm rectangular, Sterling silver (Size to be confirmed)
Students should bring: Usual tool kit. They will be working with Silver Steel, Silver
Cost £90 including workshop fees, plus materials (details with booking)

07 and 08 March 2020 – 10:00-1730
Hollow forms using a simple press moulds with Laura Ngyou – BOOK NOW

Laura’s jewellery reflects a fascination for miniature worlds found within the natural landscape, from exotic jungle flora to the humble rock pool. Her obsession with geology drives her to select the most interesting and unusual gemstone specimens. She composes unique settings sympathetic to a gemstone’s individual character re-imagining the natural landscape and dynamic crystalline structures from which it was discovered. Laura likes to use vividly contrasting precious metals and naturally sculptural gemstones to create sumptuous, other-worldly qualities.

Her passion for travel is reflected in her work. Born into a large family who span the globe from Asia to north America, she is drawn towards discovery and exploration. Laura is intrigued by the ambiguity of form. Each piece she creates is ultimately a product of her imagination – an abstract composition which quietly provokes the observer to look more closely, reflect on her journeys and the natural curiosities which have inspired her.

Laura’s areas of expertise include fine intricate soldering, keum- boo (fusing gold to silver), using various techniques to create 3D sculptural forms in jewellery.

Course Aims
At the end of the course students will produce 2 mirror halves of a metal form (copper or silver optional), soldered together to create a hollow pendant/ pin.
If time allows: Other items of jewellery can be created from smaller hollow forms or singular halves of the form, including, earrings, cufflinks or rings.
Techniques to be used:
• Texturing metal using hammers, punches and rolling mill
• Cutting and creating your own press mould from wood, acrylic or poly urethane
• Creating 2 mirror concave halves of silver or copper using hammer and punches and vice pressure
• soldering, cutting and filing of 2 mirror halves to make a hollow form
• adapting the form into a piece/s of jewellery.
The course is suitable for Intermediate level students or those who have done similar work before. Students should have piercing, filing, and soldering skills. It will be taught through step by step demonstrations and instructions, group demonstrations and handouts.

Participants be working with: Wood (MDF and other), Acrylic, polyurethane, lino, possibly lead sheet, copper, silver.
The tutor will provide: Wood, acrylic, polyurethane, screws, lead sheet, acrylic, some copper sheet, lino £5- 10 per student
Students should bring:
• Pen/pencil and paper,
• piercing saws and blades 2/0 and grade 1
• files, emery sticks
• silver solder
• easy flow flux for copper/borax for silver
• tweezers
• permanent marker preferably a fine liner,
• double sided tape and masking tape
• 2 pieces of 0.7mm copper sheet 10cm x 10cm ,
• 0.7mm silver sheet optional 5cm x 10cm sheet or as large as desired.
• 0.8mm, 2mm and 1mm round silver/copper wire for creating jump rings, or earring posts, pins and ring shanks. ( optional dependant on what jewellery you desire to create) – £15-£35 estimated cost dependant on desired amount and type of metal.

Cost £90 including workshop fees, plus materials (details with booking)

Beginners’ Jewellery course 2019
Venue: JASSO workshop at Peachcroft Farm
Tutor: Sally Spencer
Fridays – improvers – 10am to 1pm, 17 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan, 7 Feb, 14 Feb, 21 Feb half term, 28 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar, 20 Mar, 27 Mar.

Saturdays – beginners and improvers – 1.30 to 4.30pm, 11 Jan, 18 Jan, 1 Feb, 8 Feb, 15 Feb, 29 Feb, 14 Mar, 21 Mar, 28 Mar, 4 April.

Course content:  Participants will work through a series of projects, building on the skills they are learning. They will be taught how to design a piece of jewellery so that they can understand the process and how to develop their designs

NOTE: in order to access this course, you will need to become a JASSO member.  Membership fee £20.

Cost of course: £190 + approx £50 for materials

For membership and to apply for a place on the course please contact Jasso: jassoenquiries

Sessions and Projects will include:

  • Introduction to the workshop, Health and Safety
  • Introduction to jewellery and design
  • Learning how to make a simple band ring
  • Designing and making a pierced pendant
  • Designing and making both stud and drop earrings featuring textures
  • Designing and making a pair of decorated cufflinks
  • Learning how to make a setting for a cabochon stone and then turning this into a ring

This course will provide a broad introduction to a number of techniques which students can then continue to build on as they develop their skills. All tools needed to complete this course will be supplied for students use.

We will shortly have details of classes running in 2020.