Short Courses

We run a variety of Masterclasses, which are taken by experts in their fields for members only throughout the year. These courses are between one and four days long, running on Fridays to Sundays. Below is a list of the planned courses. Most courses are £70 per day per person, plus materials.

Please be aware that with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation the Masterclasses may need to be cancelled at short notice. Jasso will inform participants should this be required.

Our normal cancellation policy is that if a booking is cancelled 4 weeks in advance a full refund will be given: if cancelled less than 4 weeks in advance, a full refund will only be given if the place can be reallocated, otherwise no refund would be given unless there were extenuating circumstances.

In the pipeline

There are a number of courses that are planned for 2022, some are listed below. Further information and a booking link will be added as they are available.

  • 9 and 10 July 2022 – Raising a Bowl with Rebecca de Quin (2 days)
  • 17 & 18 September 2022 – Forging a Spoon with Peter Musson (2 days)
  • 15 and 16 October – trillion stone setting with Machi de Waard (2 days)

Course Details

Raising a Bowl with Rebecca de Quin – BOOK NOW

9 and 10 July 2022 – 09:30-1700 – £140.00 plus materials

Rebecca de Quin MA(rca) is a metal artist with a background in silversmithing. She has 30 years experience in practice and as a teacher and is currently a member of academic staff on the Royal College of Art’s Jewellery and Metal programme.

Rebecca makes modern containers and tableware to compliment contemporary living. She works on a range of different scales often combining silver with non-precious metals to produce multi-part compositions that emphasise the sculptural relationships between forms.

Course Aims

During the course you will make a small bowl and consider ideas for ways to personalise your piece with added form and decorative detailing. The basic methods used for making the bowl can be repeatedly used and adapted to create endless variations in shape and size..  You will learn:

  • The main techniques used will be blocking, raising and planishing.
  • You will learn how to estimate the blank size for a raised form, understand and manage the effect of hammering in relation to the movement of metal and discover how to achieve a pre-determined shape using templates and guides.
  • We will discuss possibilities for added features and methods for decoration, which if time permits can be applied during the course or afterwards in your own time.

Who this class is for: Beginners or for intermediates as a refresher. You must already know the basic metalworking skills such as marking out, piercing, filing and annealing. The work is not suitable for anyone with wrist elbow or shoulder problems.

Rebecca will bring a print out of the drawn details necessary  for dimensioning. She will be demonstrating the process step by step.

Equipment and Materials:

You may choose to work in copper or silver depending on your confidence and skill level. Beginners are advised to work in copper.

General equipment:

  • Ear defenders
  • sketchbook
  • piercing saw
  • small set of dividers
  • 6” metal rule
  • pencil
  • fine tip black marker
  • masking tape
  • coarse, medium and fine 8” files.
  • Your own raising hammer (250gm recommended) and planishing hammer. If you do not already have these you are advised not to buy and instead use Jasso hammers to discover which weight and shape suits you before investing in your own.


  • 0.9mm x 150mm diameter copper or Britannia silver circle.
  • You may want to have two circles in copper ready so that you can raise the basic shape and move on to a shape of your own design. Alternatively one circle in each material will allow you to try out the techniques in copper and move on to silver as you gain confidence.

Copper sheet can be purchased easily online from suppliers.

Pre-ordered copper should be pierced out to a 150mm diameter circle and the edge filed to remove burrs.

Any research images and design drawing ideas around shape and decoration will be useful to discussion around how to personalise your bowl and future possibilities for bowl making.

Making a setting for a 10mm trillion stone – BOOK NOW

15 and 16 October 2022 – 09:30-17:00 – £140.00 plus materials

Machi has been a full-time jeweller for 15 years and has taught jewellery making at various locations in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire (nominated for Tutor of the Year three times). She was jeweller in Residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre. She published her first book (with fellow jeweller and JASSO member Janet Richardson) in February 2021, Silver Jewellery Making, for award-winning craft publisher Search Press.

Course Aims

During the course you will make a pendant or ring with a trillion setting. Please note: the stone is trillion, not triangle.  You will set a 10mm trillion, but the process applies to other sizes as well, which will be explained. You will learn:

Trillion stone ring setting
  • How to make bearer wire
  • How to make a setting fit a trillion stone
  • How to solder the setting
  • How to use thermolock to hold a piece for setting
  • How to use a punch to set a stone
  • How to tidy up a setting after the stone is in

Who this class is for: You must already know the basics of using a saw, files, pliers and how to solder.

Equipment and Materials:

There will be material packs for everyone. You can choose to make a pendant or ring

For a pendant: £8 per student

  • -10mm trillion CZ
  • two 7cm lengths of 6mm wide 0.3mm sheet
  • -some silver wire to make a bail

For a ring: £12 per student

  • -10mm trillion CZ
  • two 7cm lengths of 6mm wide 0.3mm sheet
  • -some silver wire to make a ring shank

Machi will have punches and thermolock sticks for students to use and these will be available to purchase IF students would like to buy them (purely optional!!). The punches are £5 and the thermolock sticks are £10.  Payments can be taken in cash or by card.

Tools: Please bring the following:  The usual set of hand tools, including saw blades and solder (hard and easy).

Machi will bring thermolock on dowels for holding the piece while setting the stone. She will also bring setting punches, extra sawblades and solder, a bunch of ring pliers, greaseproof paper and various other bits and pieces to cover eventualities!

Forging a Spoon with Peter Musson – BOOK NOW

17 & 18 September 2022 – 09:30-1700 – £140.00 plus materials

Peter Musson is a highly respected silversmith who has worked as a teacher since 2005 at a wide variety of places.  He has completed numerous commissions including some for Oxford colleges.  He has won many awards for his work and has a string of impressive clients. 

He describes himself as a maker who creates sophisticated silverware by combining the freedom of hand making with computer controlled techniques.  He loves unique decorative finishes that shows the history of the creation process – which he believes produces pieces of silverware which are honest and elegant. 

Course Aims

At the end of the course the students will have started to make a silver spoon – following a design for an ice cream spoon. (The spoon might need finishing/polishing.)  They will have:

  • an understanding of the forging process and silver metallurgy
  • an understanding of some methods of repeatability which can then be used for other designs.
  • Cold Forging
  • Hot forging
  • Ingot making – recycling silver

The course is suitable for Beginner / Intermediate level students. 

There will be a talk and discussion at the beginning. Followed by a demonstration to allow students to understand the techniques and fault finding.  On day 2 it will be mainly individual demonstrations/ support.

Students will be working to Peter’s drawings.  

Equipment and materials

The tutor will provide: a range of  spoon stakes, lead cakes and tiest for use during the course.

Students should bring: Normal tool box, files, saws etc

A4 paper, note pads. Pencil and pens and a blue sharpie pen

Precious : Silver 925 Bar 10 mm round 60mm long (this maybe revised closer to the course)

Previous Courses

  • Granulation and Reticulation – Milly Maunder
  • Chain Mail – Judy Rowlands
  • Chasing and Repoussé – Judy Rowlands
  • Mixed Media Pendants and Brooches with Barbara Spence 
  • Keum boo with Machi de Waard