Short Courses

We run a variety of Masterclasses, which are taken by experts in their fields for members only throughout the year. These courses are between one and four days long, running on Fridays to Sundays. Below is a list of the courses which are planned for 2021. We also run short courses including our 10 week beginners’ jewellery making course. Most courses are £80 per day per person, plus materials. There were a number of courses which had to be postponed in 2020, these are listed at the bottom of the page, we hope to hold these in the near future.

Please be aware that with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation the Masterclasses may need to be cancelled at short notice. Jasso will inform participants should this be required..

Course Details

Creating Chain Mail with Judi Rowlands
1 day course – 24th July 2021 – £80.00 -plus materials

Chain Mail was first used in warfare; the tightly linked metal rings providing protection from blades and arrows. It is tactile and lends itself to jewellery making, by itself or combined with beads and stones. Chain mail has 3 types:

  • European, looks a bit like knitting
  • Persian / Islamic, a much looser linking
  • Japanese (not visible under the Samurai’s silk padding)

Getting started is the difficulty, so to save time you will be given a sample of European and Persian construction. You will also be provided with useful notes and diagrams. Chain linking can be done anywhere, initially we will be working with copper links (provided by Judi).

  • Construction of Persian / Islamic mail
  • Construction of European mail
  • Japanese is so simple you just need to see the construction
  • Byzantine pattern (a useful construction, you will be provided with a sample)
  • How to make quantities of jump rings

You will need to bring:

  • 2 x pairs of flat nosed pointed pliers (vital for you to have your own)
  • Piercing saw and fine blades
  • Old metal knitting needles or pieces of rod as formers
  • If you want to bring sterling silver wire, 0.8 is the best.

Chasing and repousse with Judi Rowlands
1 day course – 14th August 2021 – £80.00 -plus materials – FULL
1 day course – 11th September 2021 – £80.00 -plus materials – Book Now

Chasing and repousse are twin techniques which involve moving metal, adding volume and depth to sheet metal. You can create substantial looking jewellery without increasing the weight. Chasing and repousse are ideal techniques for decorating the surface of various items of silver ware e.g. box lids. Chasing is worked from the front and repousse from the back.

  • Starting off, putting your metal onto the pitch bowl
  • Looking at the basic tools to be used
  • Playtime, practice using the tools
  • How to remove your design, forge etiquette
  • Making a simple design, suggest abstract rather than figurative
  • How to transfer the design on to your metal
  • More practice
  • Maybe using silver?

Reference notes will be provided; there is not time for making pitch bowls and tools. JASSO has bowls and tools, if you have your own that would be most useful.

  • Copper sheet will be provided by Judi
  • Off cuts of silver of your own, 0.6 to 0.9
  • Ball point pen
  • Carbon paper.
  • Tracing paper, double sided tape
  • Fragment of fine wet and dry paper
  • Old knife
  • Reversible tweezers
  • Small bottle and piece of rag
  • Lip balm or equivalent
  • Old tin biscuit lid or baking tray; if you have, not essential
  • Doming punches if you have them

Granulation and Reticulation with Milly Maunder Designs
2 and 3 October 2021

Milly is a Jeweller and Gemmologist who has been trained by the world-renowned GIA in America. Since she started her own business she has specialised and self-taught herself the art of Granulation for a contemporary jeweller. She enjoys pushing metal to the limits to create unusual textures and forms.

Course Aims
A relaxed and creative introduction to modern day granulation techniques and reticulation. Milly will walk you through the techniques and skills to master both jewellery processes step by step.  On day one to practice and trouble shoot together. Day two will be about your own designs and creations with Milly there to help out where needed, answer your questions and re-demonstrate anything from day one. Here we can also talk about more complex techniques you can practice at home.

Students will have the opportunity to practice and learn new skills on a variety of pieces of jewellery creating pendants, earrings and an opportunity for more with their own creative designs.

The course will be taught in a relaxed style dependant on how the students get on. Millie will demonstrate the steps and then allow students to practice.  This technique is all about spending time practising. No Handouts will be provided but small notebooks for notes taking will be available.

The course is suitable for Beginner / Intermediate level students.  Students should be confident or familiar with a soldering torch.

It would be helpful if students have an idea of what they would like to design although not compulsory.

Equipment and materials
Students should bring: – Charcoal soldering block, handheld torch, flush cutters, brass hand brush, large round burr (4-6mm)

Basic jewellery tools – ie files and pliers. borax/flux

The tutor will provide:-  the fine silver and some silver blanks for pendants / earrings. (approx £20 per students)

If you would like to specifically make anything else, you will need to provide your own wire/sheet of sterling silver. You will also need to provide your own earring backs/chains.

In the pipeline

There are a number of courses that were planned for 2020 but had to be postponed. We hope to be able to run these in the near future. They are listed below.

  • Lost Wax Casting with Jeff Wallis (4 days)
  • Granulation and Reticulation with Milly Maunder Designs (2days)
  • Faceted rub-over gemstone ring with Ophelia Brathwaite (2 days)