Short Courses

We run a variety of Masterclasses, which are taken by experts in their fields for members only throughout the year.  These courses are between one and four days long, running on Fridays to Sundays. Below is a list of the courses which were planned for 2020 but due to Coronavirus had to be postponed, we hope to hold these in the near future.  We also run short courses including our 10 week beginners’ jewellery making course.  Most courses are £80 per day per person, plus materials.

Please be aware that with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation the Masterclasses may need to be cancelled at short notice.  Jasso will inform participants should this be required.

Course Details

POSTPONED –  (4 day course)
Lost Wax Casting with Jeff Wallis  

Jeff graduated from High Wycombe College of Technology and Art with a First Class Honours Degree in Design and Silversmithing and he has been teaching at JASSO since 1980. He has worked as a professional archaeologist and studied ancient metal work techniques. Jeff is a self-employed silversmith and has developed a range of silver replica jewellery. As a specialist fine line illustrator he has recently been commissioned to illustrate the Viking Watlington Hoard Silver in the Ashmolean Museum.
Course Aims
At the end of the course the students will have knowledge of the technique and advantage of lost wax casting. An understanding of how it compares with PMC. Experience of the application of wax types and the reproduction of wax patterns and injection of wax into moulds. Casting.
You will experience:

    • welding and carving of hard wax on a small scale
    • have fun with melting and pouring of wax into water
    • experiment with a range of waxes and wax injection into moulds
    • casting creations.

The course is suitable for Beginner/ intermediate level students. You will need the ability to work on small scale.  The course will be taught through Step by step demo and handout.  Before the course students would benefit by visiting the Ashmolean Museum and looking at the Watlington Hoard.
Equipment and materials:
The tutor will provide: 8lb propane gas cylinder, Wax injection. Rubber moulds, Various waxes, Scales, Flask
Students should bring:

    • Scribers,
    • Small rough files,
    • Usual tool kit

    Cost – £320 including workshop fees.

    POSTPONED – (2 day course)
    Granulation and Reticulation with Milly Maunder Designs
    Milly is a Jeweller and Gemmologist who has been trained by the world-renowned GIA in America. Since she started her own business she has specialised and self-taught herself the art of Granulation for a contemporary jeweller. She enjoys pushing metal to the limits to create unusual textures and forms.
    Course Aims
    A relaxed and creative introduction to modern day granulation techniques and reticulation. Milly will walk you through the techniques and skills to master both jewellery processes step by step. On day one you will practice and trouble shoot together. Day two will be about your own designs and creations with Milly there to help out where needed, answer your questions and re-demonstrate anything from day one. Here we can also talk about more complex techniques to practice at home.
    Students will have the opportunity to practice and learn new skills on a variety of pieces of jewellery creating pendants, earrings and an opportunity for more with their own creative designs.
    The course will be taught in a relaxed style dependant on how the students get on. Millie will demonstrate the steps and then allow students to practice. This technique is all about spending time practising. No Handouts will be provided but small notebooks for notes taking will be available.
    The course is suitable for Beginner / Intermediate level students. Students should be confident or familiar with a soldering torch.
    It would be helpful if students have an idea of what they would like to design although not compulsory.
    Equipment and materials
    Students should bring: – Charcoal soldering block, handheld torch, flush cutters, brass hand brush, large round burr (4-6mm)
    Basic jewellery tools – ie files and pliers. borax/flux
    The tutor will provide:-  fine silver and some silver blanks for pendants / earrings. (approx £20 per student)
    If you would like to specifically make anything else, you will need to provide your own wire/sheet of sterling silver. You will also need to provide your own earring backs/chains.
    Cost includes workshop fees. Additional materials fee (details with booking)

    Dates: POSTPONED – 2 day course
    Faceted rub-over gemstone ring with Ophelia Brathwaite

    Ophelia Braithwaite (Phee) spent 13 years living and running her jewellery business in Queensland, Australia. Since moving back to the UK three years ago Phee has established her business once again, this time in Devon where she teaches various jewellery making workshops as well as working on her various collections.

    Designing and making gemstone jewellery is a never-ending passion and Phee looks forward to passing on as many skills and tips as she can during this 2 day course.

    Course Aims
    During the course you will learn how to make settings for faceted gemstones. Phee will demonstrate different stages of the process and use part made settings for your reference through the weekend.
    You will make inside and outside settings for your chosen gemstone, solder the setting into your ring and then cut away the excess metal to form a smooth seamless ring. After a bit of cleaning up Phee will show you how to gem set using a hammer and punch which allows you to work with much thicker settings. Finally cleaning and polishing.

    By the end of the weekend you will walk away with a completed ring and the skills and knowledge to make other projects with different shaped gemstones.
    Phee will cover little tricks and tips that she has picked up along the way to help you create balanced setting and well-proportioned rings.

    Students need to have good basic skills already including soldering, cutting, filing and manipulating metal. Any experience in setting cabochon gemstones is helpful.

    Equipment and materials
    The tutor will provide: Gem setting clamp, punches and repousse hammer. Phee will bring cubic zirconia for everyone as they are perfect for learning because of their strength (£5 to £10 each) There will be a selection of shapes and sizes to choose from.

    Students should bring: basic hand tools, saw, pliers, files and a Vernier gauge if you have one. Rough cost of silver £15 – £20
    • 0.7mm – silver sheet 8cm x 2cm
    • 0.5mm silver sheet 7cm x 1 cm
    • Oval or D-shape wire for your ring 3x2mm minimum – thicker is better and if you can make your ring beforehand in the right size that would be great (can make on the day if not)

    Cost includes workshop fees, plus additional materials (details with booking)

    Beginners’ Jewellery course 2021 (not currently running due to Coronavirus)
    Venue: JASSO workshop at Peachcroft Farm
    Tutor: Sally Spencer
    Fridays – beginners – 10am to 1pm,  or 1.30 to 4.30

    Saturdays – beginners and improvers – 1.30 to 4.30pm

    Course content:  Participants will work through a series of projects, building on the skills they are learning. They will be taught how to design a piece of jewellery so that they can understand the process and how to develop their designs

    NOTE: in order to access this course, you will need to become a JASSO member.  Membership fee £20.

    Cost of course: £210 + approx £50 for materials

    For membership and to apply for a place on the course please contact Jasso: jassoenquiries

    Sessions and Projects will include:

    • Introduction to the workshop, Health and Safety
    • Introduction to jewellery and design
    • Learning how to make a simple band ring
    • Designing and making a pierced pendant
    • Designing and making both stud and drop earrings featuring textures
    • Designing and making a pair of decorated cufflinks
    • Learning how to make a setting for a cabochon stone and then turning this into a ring

    This course will provide a broad introduction to a number of techniques which students can then continue to build on as they develop their skills. All tools needed to complete this course will be supplied for students use.